About us


Question:  What is the RASABI SAFARI KENYA difference?      Answer:  People before Profit!

We are dedicated to giving you the best ever safari experience whilst ensuring that the local Kenyans are properly rewarded for the services they provide for you.

You will enjoy an amazing safari that you will look back on forever with the fondest reminiscences.

The local people who’s hard work contributed to your enjoyment receive a very fair and appropriate remuneration that significantly enhances their standard of living.

Our ethical approach puts People First. RASABI SAFARI KENYA is not focused on profit-margins. Our unique mission is to channel proceeds directly to the local Kenyans who provide the wonderful services you enjoy on your safari.

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Nelson (Maasai guide) and Sally

reticulated giraffe

(Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata)

tawny eagle (Aquila rapax)

The choices

We put you in control of your safari. You make your own decisions regarding the key aspects of your safari.  However, if you would prefer us to make all the decisions, we will, of course, happily do so. It’s your choice. Just let us know.

Itinerary – it’s your choice
You are free to choose your own itinerary, tell us which parks and reserves you wish to visit and we’ll arrange it all for you including accommodation at the finest safari lodges. Alternatively, choose from one of our favourite itineraries, pre-planned to maximise your wildlife viewing time and reduce the time travelling between locations.

Safari Vehicle – one, two, three, four, five or six occupants – it’s your choice
When you book with RASABI SAFARI KENYA you have exclusive use of a modern Toyota Land Cruiser safari vehicle with opening roof and a top-class safari guide for the entire duration of your stay.
You choose how many family or friends accompany you, up to a maximum of six persons per vehicle. If you wish to share your safari experience with even more friends, we will gladly provide as many vehicles as you require, each with it’s own exclusive safari guide.

Game-drives – it’s your choice
You choose the start and finish time of each day’s game-drives. If you want the standard two-hour game-drive beginning at 06:30 and another two-hour stint at 16:00, that’s fine. However, you may wish to have an all-day game drive and take a packed lunch with you. Maybe you want to begin at different times and finish whenever you feel like it.

The Company

In the beginning
RASABI SAFARI KENYA came into being in a hotel room overlooking Uhuru Park in central Nairobi, on 21st November 2010. The three people present; an English couple and a Kenyan, shook hands on an agreement to breathe life into an idea that each had harboured for years.

Bill and Sally Taylor had long held the opinion that the majority of safari tour operators were not offering services that could fully satisfy their passion for wildlife viewing and the whole safari experience. Peter Rapasa had, independently, been thinking along very similar lines.

A bright new concept in safaris
RASABI SAFARI KENYA brings a new concept to the safari world. A bright, fresh, clear and unambiguous pledge to give you exactly the kind of safari experience that we ourselves now demand.

Having shaken the dust off our years of hands-on research, we have highlighted what we believe, people really want from a safari. Animals, animals, animals; all set in stunning scenery and viewed from the comfort of your own exclusive vehicle driven by your own enthusiastic wildlife professional.

Add top quality accommodation and the freedom to decide for yourself when and for how long each of your games-drives will be and you have a safari experience that is second to none.


leopard and cub (Panthera pardus)

Burchell’s zebra
(Equus quagga)

from left: Peter, Sally and Bill

(Hippopotamus amphibius)
accompanied by cattle egrets
(Bubulcus ibis)

Peter, Mwasi, Bill and George
with snow-capped Kilimanjaro
forming the horizon

The Founders

The founders of RASABI SAFARI KENYA are Peter RApasa, SAlly Taylor and BIll Taylor

Peter has more then twenty years experience as a safari guide. He is probably the most well known, most popular and most respected safari guide in Kenya. He is greeted everywhere like an old friend. On the road, in hotels and lodges, in towns and villages, everywhere we go everyone knows Peter and welcomes his broad smile and friendly, easy-going, positive personality.

“There are millions of Peters but there’s only one Rapasa”, he laughs.

Sally is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society by profession. She is also a lifelong wildlife enthusiast and has travelled the globe in a quest to see animals in the wild. A keen photographer, Sally has captured some truly amazing images of mother nature’s most spectacular creatures. Of all the countries that Sally has visited, Kenya has always been a particular favourite.
“Stepping off the plane in Nairobi is like coming home”, she says.

Bill has spent much of his working life in a broad spectrum of managerial roles, mainly in the public service sector. He has always been a passionate amateur naturalist and is also an accomplished photographer. Specialising in travel and wildlife photography Bill has visited many countries in pursuit of new subjects. Bill regards Kenya as the very best location for observing wildlife in the raw. The quantity and diversity of the wildlife in Kenya make it the ideal location to indulge our passion for natural history.
“There’s a unique thrill in being on safari with a camera in your hands”, Bill enthuses.


Our safari guides are among the highest-paid in East Africa. Therefore, we are able to pick and choose from the very best of their profession. The ever-increasing number of safari guides eagerly seeking an opportunity to join the elite team at RASABI SAFARI KENYA, allows us to impose the strictest selection criteria.

All our safari guides are indigenous Kenyans. Kenya is in their blood and they are justly proud of their tribal traditions and the unique cultural heritage of their beloved homeland. They are highly-skilled wildlife guides with an innate instinct for interpreting animal behaviour. Their uncanny aptitude for anticipating an animal’s next move comes from a life-time’s experience living in close proximity to the greatest wildlife show on earth.

The first-hand knowledge of your safari guide, ensures that you have the best possible chance to be in the right place at the right time and in on the action.

Not only are RASABI SAFARI KENYA guides wildlife specialists, they are also very skilful drivers. From the frenzied traffic of downtown Nairobi to the punishing, off-road terrain in the National Parks and Reserves, your safari guide will ensure that you arrive safely and on schedule.

red-and-yellow barbet    (Trachyphonus erythrocephalus)