Ethical policy

 We strive to conduct all aspects of our business within carefully considered ethical and moral principles

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children of tea plantation workers in Subukia, Kenya

Supporting the local community

As RASABI SAFARI KENYA operates in East Africa we believe we have a moral responsibility to support and promote the region and its people. Our presence in the area is making a positive contribution to the lives of the local people and the businesses and organisations with whom we work.

Our corporate philosophy regarding procurement is to use, wherever feasible, companies based in and contributing to, the localities in which we operate.

We value every member  of our wonderful team

It is no coincidence that our fully qualified Safari Guides are recruited from local communities. They were, of course, born and raised here. This is their home and they love it. It is a source of great pride to them to introduce you to their cultural heritage.

RASABI SAFARI KENYA guides are, quite simply, the best in the business. That’s why they are among the highest paid in their profession. Their generous income provides a significant and much-needed boost to the local economy.

(Litocranius walleri)

sunset over the
Maasai Mara


Our policy when sourcing goods and services is to always give preference to individuals and organisations who can produce ethical credentials that demonstrate a positive commitment to green issues in general and to sustainability in particular.

Our safari vehicles are maintained to the highest standards in order to ensure that they run as efficiently and as cleanly as possible. The engines are finely calibrated to produce optimum performance so that fuel consumption and emissions are reduced to a minimum.