Flights and the Airport

Flights to and from Nairobi

For your convenience we can offer all the advice you need in order for you to book your flights.

In accordance with our Ethical and Policy Statement and our stated aim to promote and support Kenya and her people, we recommend the region’s premier airline Kenya Airways.

In recent years Kenya Airways has been awarded prestigious accolades including East Africa’s Most Respected Company, African Airline of Choice, Company of the Year and the African Aviation Award. It has achieved an enviable safety record and a customer care reputation second to none. The company contributes hugely to Kenya’s economy and it is a major employer of local staff at all levels of the organisation.

If you are departing from an airport from which Kenya Airways does not currently operate we can suggest alternative airlines for your booking.

As soon as you have booked your flights please let us know the details so that we can co-ordinate your safari tour with your arrival and departure times.

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cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus)

cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer)

At the check-in desk
When you check-in, you may be asked some questions about your baggage and its contents.

     “Did you pack your own bags?”
     “Are you aware of all the contents of your baggage?”
     “Has your baggage been left unattended or out of your sight since you packed it?”

All checked-in baggage must have your name, address and telephone number or email on the outside of the bag. You are strongly advised to also put your name and address on the inside of the bag to help the authorities to identify it in the event of the outside label becoming detached. The airline may refuse baggage at check-in unless it is clearly labelled.

We recommend you take anything you may need on the flight with you, including medication and keys. All medication should have a professional pharmaceutical label on the container if you are transporting medication in your carry-on luggage. If you require a medical syringe, you must have the needle guard intact.

Baggage allowance – information supplied by Kenya Airways (other airlines may vary)

  Check-in baggage
     2 x pieces of baggage – each up to 23 kilograms – per person  

  Hand baggage (carry-on luggage)
     1 x piece up to 10kg – maximum size 55x38x20cm (21.7×15.0x7.9in) per person
     1 x overcoat
     1 x umbrella or walking stick
     1 x ladies handbag
     1 x small camera
     1 x small laptop computer
     1 x fully-collapsible invalid wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches if the passenger is              
     dependent on it/them
     Also, a reasonable amount of reading material.

saddle-billed stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis)

dawn in the Maasai Mara

Electronic devices

Cellular telephones must not be used at any time during the flight. All cellular telephones must be switched off for the entire duration of the flight.

Electronic devices that are permitted on board are: voice recorders, calculators, small laptop computers, hand-held CD players, hand-held electronic devices, computer games and photographic equipment.

Please note that if you are travelling with electronic items as part of your carry-on luggage, you should be aware that security personnel may require you to demonstrate, at security check-points, that the device is operational.

If you do not have a power source for your electronic device, you must pack this item in your check-in baggage (i.e. not your hand baggage) as it will have to travel in the cargo hold.

Restricted Items
The following items are not permitted to be carried onto the aircraft:
     Knives of any description
     Scissors or any other sharp-bladed object
     Weapons of any description including replicas and toys
     Handcuffs including replicas and toys
     Sporting equipment such as baseball/cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, billiard cues
     Devices with non-sealed (spillable) batteries
     Aerosols including hair sprays, perfumes and medicines containing alcohol
     Baby strollers
     Any item deemed a security hazard by local law
     Any other item that resembles or has a similar function to the above items

Please note that the above items will be confiscated at the boarding gate by the local authorities and depending on local conditions, they may not be returned to you.

If you have any of the above items they must be packed in your check-in baggage and travel in the cargo hold.

cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus)

lappet-faced vulture (Torgos tracheliotos)

On arrival in Nairobi

When you arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, our Airport Liaison Officer will be waiting to greet you and welcome you to Kenya. He has security clearance that authorises him to meet you almost as soon as you leave the plane and before you reach the visa check-in desk. He will have RASABI SAFARI KENYA identification and will be holding a RASABI SAFARI KENYA  sign so you will recognise him immediately.

Firstly, he will escort you to the visa check-in desk and assist you through the visa procedure. Then he will accompany you to the baggage reclaim hall and help to re-unite you with your luggage. Lastly, he will introduce you to your Safari Guide and load your luggage into the Safari Vehicle. Both Safari Guide and Safari Vehicle carry RASABI SAFARI KENYA identification.
Your Safari Guide will then whisk you away to the first destination on your exclusive itinerary. You are beginning an absolutely amazing adventure ≈ the trip of a lifetime ≈ creating memories that will last forever. All brought to you by RASABI SAFARI KENYA.

For the entirety of your stay in Kenya your Safari Guide will be available to you 24/7. He will be your guide, your driver, your advisor, your interpreter, your oracle on all things Kenyan as well as being your friend and companion.